one therapist, two hand oil-massages Abhyanga or Thalodal

- 1200 SCR 60 minutes

- 1350 SCR 75 minutes


two therapist, four hand oil-massages Abhyanga or Thalodal

- 1500 SCR 60 minutes

- 1650 SCR 75 minutes

(time includes 5 min interview concerning 
issues and 5 minutes relaxing)

Special treatments like cellulite therapy, back massage and back pain therapy (khadi vasti)

-   800 SCR 30 minutes

- 1000 SCR 45 minutes

We come to your place, bring all material, need 30 minutes to install, do the treatment and need 30 minutes to clean up.  So please reserve 1 hr more than the treatment is. 

And think also of having time for you to relax after the treatment.


Like to lern more about Ayurveda? Here is a nice film 'Journey of Ayurveda' (10 minutes)

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Find more about:

On youtube, there is a nice and short promo film from India showing a few of the common Ayurveda-treatments

Or learn more about and watch the film 'Ayurveda - Art of Being' original spoken with English subtitles.

Take some time as it lasts about 95 minutes




Ayurveda Treatments

The term Ayurveda comes from Ayus = life (combines body, sense organs, mind and soul) and Veda = knowledge, ie ‘the knowledge of life’. This tradition can be traced back for more than 3000 years and embraces a holistic view on lifestyle, hygienics and medical science.


The treatments are for balancing, reducing unwanted waste products and applying nutritive substances. The better the balance, the more well-being energy is available. Immune defence and self healing power are then perfectly able to unfold.



The used sesame oils are boiled up with different ingredients, mostly herbs. They have different effects and are used appropriate to the type of person and applied where needed (whether to body, head, or areas of discomfort). We mostly use products from Ayurveda-Rhyner GmbH. These are 100% organic grown oils and traditionally cooked with organic herbs mostly from European producers.


  • Abhyanga, whole body massage with warm oil (with or without face and head massage)
    Well-being massage, warming, nourishing and calming, pampers your joints and acts as slightly detoxing, helps to reduce stress and nervousness, helps to care for dry skin.
    two therapists and four hands         60 min 1'500 SCR      75 min 1'650 SCR                                                                                               one therapist and two hands           60 min 1'200 SCR      75 min 1'350 SCR       (90 min 1'500 SCR)


  • Back, spine and neck massage with warm oil
    relaxing, removes tension and can release head ache
    30 min 800 SCR


  • Khadi Vasti, back, spine and neck massage followed by a local and warm oil bath
    can be used when specific and recurrent local back pain occurs. Repeated treatment within
    a few days is advised
    45 min 1000 SCR

there is a short introduction from Kerala, India on youtube. The warm oil is kept for about 20 minutes on the back. From time to time, some oil is taken away and replaced by heated oil.


  • Cellulite treatment with warm Udvartana Powder
    Miracles are not possible. But after a few treatments within a few days, the different tissue layers are better connected and it is possible to see and feel a positive result
    45 min 1000 SCR


  • Udvartana, whole body massage with warm Udvartana Powder
    can reduce adipose tissue, cleans skin and stabilises joints

              two therapists and four hands       60 min 1'500 SCR      75 min 1'650 SCR      

            one therapist and two hands         60 min 1'200 SCR      75 min 1'350 SCR       (90 min 1'500 SCR)


  • Thalodal, whole body massage with warm oil, long, slow and firm strokes
    strengthens muscles, helps when feeling weak

              two therapists and four hands       60 min 1'500 SCR      75 min 1'650 SCR     

            one therapist and two hands         60 min 1'200 SCR      75 min 1'350 SCR       (90 min 1'500 SCR)


Multiple Treatments

some treatments will bring a better result when doing multiple treatments in a short time. If you choose 3 similar treatments within one week or 5 treatments within two weeks, we will give you a discount of 10 - 20%.