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Yoga with a taste of the sea!

                                Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove


happy again! We are able to announce regularly and public Yoga lessons in the Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove Hotel:


Saturday Morning 8:15am - 9:30am Yang and Yin

Tuesday Evening   5:00pm - 6:15pm Yin Yoga


Price is 190 SR per person and per lesson

we provide material in good Eco Quality like natural rubber Yoga mats, 100% biodigradable



Only with reservation

  (phon 2584236 or mail



Yoga with a view!

                            Hilton Northolme Resort


we are happy to announce regularly and public Yoga lessons in the Hilton Northolme Resort:


Wednesday Morning 9:00am - 10:15am Vinyasa Flow (reservation 12hrs in advance required)

Thursday Evening     5:00pm - 6:15pm Yin Yoga (reservation 12hrs in advance required)


Price is 200 SR per person and per lesson

we provide material in good Eco Quality like natural rubber Yoga mats, 100% biodigradable




every Saturday 10:30am - 12am Yin Yoga


Copolia Lodge (, Sans Soucis road, just where the Copolia Trail starts
All material will be there, SCR 150 per person per lesson
258 42 36 / / /



26/11/2016 until 22/12/2016, we joined a challanging 200 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Ubus, Bali.

Ubud is great, lots of yummi vegan Restaurants, terrific Raw Chocolate bars and cakes. Unfortunateli not enough time to explore it all. The Training was too taff.

Very happy to fligh back to Seychelles with a brand new professional Yin Yoga Teacher Certificate.









great celebration of the International Day of Yoga in Seychelles today!


Thanks to Indian Association and Yoga Association of Seychelles. It was perfectly organised and there was a  wonderful spirit in the big sports complex hall with all the  hundreds of Yoginis and Yogis. Amazing!



nice film about Ayurveda, English spoken

easy to understand, about 25 minutes



The Science of Life


Please check our Ayurveda offers, direct links:






Monica had a great time at the



3 days full with Yoga and meeting great Yoga instructors like Young Ho Kim







Prices for YOGA

Privat Yoga lesson 1:1 or small group (2 - 6 pers.)   60 min   1200 SCR
Privat Yoga lesson 1:1 or small group (2 - 6 pers.)   90 min   1500 SCR

Group lesson 7-14 persons       60 min      175 SCR per person and per lesson
Group lesson 7-14 persons       90 min      200 SCR per person and per lesson


In your house, hotel appartment or anywhere else, use of our material is included


special Ayurveda offer from 1st of June to 31st of July 2016:
one therapist, two hand oil-massages Abhyanga or Thalodal

-   900 SCR 60 minutes

- 1000 SCR 75 minutes

- 1100 SCR 90 minutes

(time includes 5 min interview concerning 
issues and 5 minutes relaxing)


Special treatments like cellulite therapy, back massage and back pain therapy (khadi vasti)

- 750 SCR 45 minutes

I come to your place, bring all material, need 30 minutes to install, do the treatment and need 30 minutes to clean up.  So please reserve 1 hr more than the treatment is. 


And think also of having time for you to relax after the treatment.


Like to learn more about Ayurveda? Here is a nice film to see (10 minutes)


(+248) 258 42 36 - - - -



It is not easy

     to find happyness in oneself


yet it is impossible

     to find it somewhere else









every Saturday from 14/05/2016 until 13/08/2016
,  9am - 10:30am
Together with Coralie, we offer regularly Yin Yoga classes at the beautiful Copolia
lodge (, Sans Soucis road, just where the Copolia Trail starts
All material will be there, just bring own towel if you need one
special price for this offer: SCR 150 per person per lesson
258 42 36 / / / /


“I can do nothing for you but work on myself... can do nothing for me but work on yourself!”


Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), one of America's most beloved spiritual figures, Author, born 1931


 There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness.


Dalai Lama


 See some impressions of the beautiful Casa el Morisco in Malaga, Spain.

Ernst will stay there the hole February 2016 and join a 250 hours Yoga Teacher Training.

For small groups or private lessons, we provide all material. The mats we use are from Manduka or HelloSun and made of 100% natural rubber and biodegradable.


Just back now from a Yin Yoga class at Copolia Lodge, mats have to be cleaned!


First step is, to brush off dust, sand and fluff. Even if the class was not on the beach, there is always sand around. No idea how the sand does it.


Next is to clean and desinfec the mat with a damp cloth.

Also for that, we try to use healthy and natural products like some drops of organic dishwasher to clean and some drops of organic tea tree oil for desinfection.


Now just let the mats dry and we are already looking forward to the next lession. Hope you too!






Nature Seychelles is a leading environmental organisation in the Western Indian Ocean. It is the largest and oldest environment NGO in the Seychelles archipelago, where it is involved in environmental conservation and management.




every Monday from 11/01/2016 untill 08/02/2016



every Wednesday from 13/01/2016 untill 03/02/2016


5pm to 6:30pm
 (Monday and Wednesday)


100 SCR per Person and per lesson (collected by Nature Seychelles)


Yin Yoga, the slow-paced style of Yoga working on connective tissues (fascias, ligaments, tendons)

Yang Yoga, powerful, working with muscles and on muscles

SEYLLBEING likes to support the GREEN HEALTH program by NATURE SEYCHELLES!


every Saturday from 02/01/2016 until 06/02/2016
9am - 10:30am


Together with Coralie, we offer regularly Yin Yoga lessons at the Copolia lodge (

Sans Soucis road, just where Copolia Trail starts


All material will be there, just bring own towel if you need one

Price is 200 SR per person per day


258 42 36 / / /


Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happyness shine forth like the rays of the sun


B.K. S Iyengar (14 December 1918 - 20 August 2014)


Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happiness shine forth like the rays of the sun.” ~ B.K. S Iyengar - See more at:

What a great video from India on Youtube, hard to tell what prevails. The funny side or the truth in it?
It is only about 4 minutes and in English



ACUPRESSURE, one of SEYLLBEING's favourite therapies! You would like to get an idea? An examle?

This youtube video shows one of hundreds of acupressure treatments and is quite funny and entertaining:

YOGA in Beau Vallon, Community Hall


we offer Yoga classes in the Community Hall in Beau Vallon
everybody is welcome, specially new beginners.

Thuesday evening 5 pm to 6:30 pm Yin Yoga, 
the soft and relaxing fascia training.

Thursday morning 7:30 am to 9 am Hata Yoga with some smooth flows, the 'best morning coffe' you ever had


the price is 150 SR per person and per day

These classes will be from 15th of September until 13th of October 2015




A number of therapists and also clients think that this is also true for therapies.

We say: there is nothing more wrong than that.

If your left shoe breaks apart und hurts when walking. Would you ever cut the right shoe apart as well? Just to have the pain on the other foot too? Just to be not so focused to the pain in the left foot? No.

So, when you ask for treating e.g. your lower back pain. Why should you accept to walk away with heavy neck and shoulder pain? The therapist probably said that only a deep tissue massage could release the muscle tension and the pain in neck and shoulder is good and will help. And you probably think the lower back pain is gone. But I beg it will be back as soon as the neck and shoulder pain is gone. Because neck and shoulder pain did overlay the other pain. Because the new pain attracted your senses and you focused on that. Bad guys would even say some therapist do it by knowing. Just to have the client walking in a week later with the same issue. But we don’t say this, we wanna be a good guys.

We like more to explain, why it will not work. It is true, to go deep into the tissues would help to release tensions in muscles, fascias and ligaments and this would most probably release lower back pain. But. Everybody, even trying hard not to do, everybody’s muscles immediately react with more tension when the nerves announce pain. It is an automatic and self protecting reaction. With encreasing tension, there is no chance to go deeper into the tissues. It just hurts more and makes more tension and prevents more ridicolous to go deeper. More pain, more fail is the truth.

The only way is to go till the edge of pain, then continue massaging with less pressure, slowly encrease pressure again. Just never go over the edge of pain. This is the only way to keep muscles relaxed and to go deeper into the tissues. This process often needs more than one session. But overall you have a long lasting result. The pain and gain result is short lasting with coming back guaranty.    

Not only the terapist has responsibility, the client also. So please say no to no pain, no gain therapies.


Slogan of the week 02/09/2015


Joy is everywhere, you only have to discover it

Konfuzius (551-479 b.C.) chin Philosopher

Slogan of the week 23/08/2015

Grown up is when you are able to combine this all: to love, to work, to enjoy

 Sigmund Freud, Austrian Psychologist, 1856-1939



Yin Yoga at Copolia Lodge


every Saturday at 9am
from 22nd of August till 10th of October 2015


Together with Coralie, we offer regularly Yin Yoga lessons at the Copolia lodge (


Start at 9, duration 90 minutes
All material inclusive Yogamats is there


Price is 200 SR per person


258 42 36    /     /


special AYURVEDA offer from 1st to 20st of August 2015:


one therapist, two hand oil-massages like Abhyanga, Thalodal and peeling massage Udvartana for only
- 600 SCR 60 minutes
- 700 SCR 75 minutes
- 800 SCR 90 minutes
(time includes 5 minutes interview concerning issues and 5 minutes relaxing)

Special treatments like cellulite therapy, back massage and back pain therapy (khadi vasti) for only
- 500 SCR 45 minutes


I come to your place, bring all material, need 30 minutes to install, do the treatment and need 30 minutes to clean up. So, please reserve at least one hour more than the treatment time is. And think also of having time for you to relax after the treatment.


More information about the Ayurveda treatments please find in the Ayurveda section


News 29/07/2015:


Ernst is back from 6 weeks in Switzerland. There he was working with an Ayurveda Doctor ( ) and enjoying some beautiful summer days.


Let's talking a bit more about Ayurveda. For instance: what is the basic difference between our modern Academic Medicine and Ayurveda? That is...
-> Academic Medicine is focused on the desease
-> Ayurveda is focused on life


If you now expect me to say, only the Ayurveda way is right, then you are completely wrong! Both is perfectly right.

Excamples easily show why:
-> A serious unidentified infection in one knee causes violent pain. It is swollen, hot and red. If this is going out of control, a sepsis (blood poisening) could happen. Means it can be dangerous and needs treatment instantly. Focus has to be on the desease.
-> There is an unidentified pain in both knees, sometimes violent, sometimes less, sometimes only in one knee. No other signs give an idea about the reason. It is much better to have a Holistic focus here. Ayurveda sees and observes the hole human being. So it is much easier to find a well hidden reason (e.g. toxic accretions due to wrong diet).


Not only Ayurveda, any medicine with a holistic approach has the same focus. Why I choose Ayurveda is because Ayurveda is undogmatic. Since the beginning a few thousand years ago, Ayurveda declared that all what helps a human being to get healthy and to stay healthy is good medicine.
Of course, any side effects of any medicine have to be considered too.


Slogan of the week 20/05/2015

Who always does what he is already able to do, always remains what he already is

                                           Henry Ford 1863 – 1947,  founder and innovative developper of Ford  car company


Reduced offerings from May to end of July 2015

Dear friends, we are sorry, but for the next 3 month, our Yoga, Acupressure and Breath- and Body-therapy is not available. Monica is in Switzerland in the Kiental doing another 2 modules of Shiatsu training.


Ernst stays in Seychelles. Only in June, he will be in Austria in Zell am See. There he is working as Ayurveda practitioner during an Ayurveda cure and will increase his Ayurveda experience.


So, Ayurveda can be booked till 11th of June and again from 13th of July on.


From beginning of August, we are back with our full program. Plus more: Monica will start with Shiatsu by then.


Thanks for your understanding


Slogan of the week 10/05/2015


Sick people never spend that much money to recover, than healthy people to get sick.

                                        Johann Nepomuk Nestroy, Austrian dramatist, actor and opera singer, 1801- 1862


News 22/04/2015:

We would love to promote awareness much more. Because doing something and really being aware what we do can make to live healthy much easier.  

So, we would like to go deeeep into our body structures. Well, not that deep like to a single atom. Atom is the  smallest unit of matter, that defines us. Also not that deep like molecules, which are formed by two or more atoms. But now, with the next higher level, it is getting interesting. Next higher building block is the CELL. A cell is the basic structural, functional, and biological unit of every living organisms. It is also the smallest unit of life, that can exist independently. We are built of about 100'000 mialliards of cells. Every single cell has all what is needed for life. A  heart (the motor, called organelle), it breathes oxygen, eats food, drinks water and gets energy out of that. This process is called metabolisme. And its producing excrements, which have to be dropped out, of course. And a cell recognises senses and feelings. Amazing, isn't it?

And what has awareness to do with that?

Well, we have no proper sorting plant in our lunge, nor in our intestinal tract. All, really all, EVERYTHING we bring inside us, we also bring into our cells. Good food, vitamines, nurturing stuff, water, bad food, chemicals, toxins, grease, unhealthy fluids, good air, oxygen, bad air, nicotin and and.... All has an impact on our cells. Outgoing from our cells, it has an impact on all other building blocks like our body tissues, organs and organ systems, nervous system, hormones, immune defense.
You WORRY now? Oh dear, that is NOT GOOD too.

Cells are also very sensitive. They bring together senses and nervous system and they are able to react on percipience. Having fun, feeling well, love and laugh is very important too. So, please don't panic, don't judge yourself, don't resign.

Just be aware what you do when you di it.

And suddenly, it is easy to skip a cigarette or order the salad instead of the fatty, greasy burgy meal. It happens like automatically. Because we also have a nice mind and soul. Our credo is:

Be aware what you do and trust your intuition


slogan of the week  30/03/2015


Do not say everything you know  -  but know at all times what you say


Mathias Claudius

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________NEWS, 25/03/2015:


Yin Yoga

Don't forget, don't miss, don't worry. Seychelles HAS a regularly Yin Yoga lession.

Every Saturday morning (except 11th of April) at 10am and at Coralies wunderful Copolia Lodge in Sans Soucis, Mahé.


Our world is Yang, too much Yang. Yang is work, activity, power, stress, restlessness, male. Take a break of Yang. Dive into 90 minutes of Yin Yoga. Let go everything, loose all muscle tensions, forget all even what you shouldn't forget, get rid of thoughts, feel free and enjoy to be free. After 90 minutes of Yin Yoga, you are nurished into all cells, also your best hidden ones. You feel light like a butterfly, your awareness is kissed awake and your emotions are dancing tango.  



90 minutes Yin Yoga inclusive all material, Price is 200 SCR per person.

Please make a reservation: 258 42 36 or


Tips, 03/03/2015


Liver compress, do it yourself

Detoxing is the magic word. Stopped smoking? Realised there was too much alcohol? Don't like the pimples? Anyway, detoxing is good for everybody. And everybody has the most effective detox machinery built in. Thats mainly the liver. So, why not pamper it a bit. Why not oil the machine and get it running a bit better? It is no big job to do so:

What you need is a piece of old cotton fabric to use as a compress, size of a washcloth, an old fashioned cotton nappy is also very good. Two (old) towels, plastic film, oil and a hot water bottle. The best oil is a real Ayurvedic sesam oil, or an Ayurvedic Pitta oil. Ayurvedic oil is cooked with herbs for several days, changes the physical structure and is able to go very deep into the tissue layers. If you don't have, use ordinary sesam oil or use a yerrow herb decoction, or even just water. Then it is mainly the warmth, what will do a good job too.

How to do is simple. Best time is 1 to 3 pm. Make oil or water hot and fill half of the hot water bottle. Take one towel to protect the surface you are going to lie on. Lie on the back and on the towel, so that it is under the right side of your belly and rip cage. Make the compress wet and warm with oil or water. It should be that hot, you can manage to press it onto your inner wrist. Place it on your right side between the rip cage end and about lined with the belly button. Specielly when using oil, place a plastic folie over it. Cover the compress with a towel and place the hot water bottle on top. Relax, bring your awareness to the liver by feeling the warmth, feeling the wight of the hot water bottle. Breath deep and slow and imagin that the breath-in goes directly to the warm spot on your body. Think how oxygen and warmth collaborate, they cheer up each other and side by side they jump at the toxin mess and clear it out. Feel while breathing out how the dirt is shovelled all the way back and out of you. Replace the compress wetted with hot oil or water, when you don't feel the warmth anymore.

If your spouse would like to help you, great. She/he could do something you will love most. Holding your feet while the hot compress is doing its job. A quiet, gentle, warm, loving holding of each foot. It does not matter where, there is no point in looking for liver pressure points. And please, no massage or fiddling around. Because your awareness has to enjoy the oxygen and warmth thing. All except a gentle, steady touch would bring awareness to the feet. But what the hell will you detox there?

No spouse no energy to do so? Book it under


Tricks, 03/03/2015


Experienced a holistic nightmare?

It is quite simple to prevent yourself from an other bad experience. I experienced holistic nightmares myself and it took me much too long, to lern how to protect me. So, I would like to talk about that.


But first, in my own interest. If it happened with Seyllbeing, please please please, tell me. Because there is no better chance to learn than from you. And there is no bether chance to never learn when you don't tell me.


In Spa, Hotels and even in health retreats, often therapists have to do all treatments of the menu. That can be a lot and it is not possible, that the therapist learnt all of that sufficient. That may be ok, if you just want a wellness treatment. It is also ok, that a therapist is great in that and bad in something else. But if you have a sincerely problem and need a good, effectiv and lasting therapy, only the therapist who is exactly good in what you need is good enough for you.


How do you find her/him?

First, look only for places with introductions of the therapists. Who is she/he, what kind of therapy is she/he doing and there need to be a training CV. Inclusive name and link of the institutions, where she/he learnt the therapies. Telling you some nice names of educational facilities is not enough. It could be just from a fancy product introduction course.

If there is a Spa you would like to go to, but there is no such information. Please ask for this information. It is your right to know. And I go further. If self awareness is important for you, it is your duty to check it out. Or do you go to the supermarket, grab any filled trolley standing around, pay and bring the hole load home? Or do you by just that new car, the salesman points to? Means you come home and present your wive and the four kids an overpriced two seater sports car instead of the van what was needed.