ACUPRESSURE, one of SEYLLBEING's favourite therapies! You would like to get an idea? An examle?

This youtube video shows one of hundreds of acupressure treatments and is quite funny and entertaining:



Shiatsu means „Finger Pressure“ and is an appreciated method of complementary therapies. The origin was in the Chinese Middle Ages and it was further developed in the 20. century mostly in Japan. Shiatsu bases on the Traditional Chinese Medicin (TCM), its Meridian system and the flow of Qi (energy). The holistic approach of Shiatsu takes care of body, mind and soul and the person itself supports the process with mindfulness, sensitivity and an open mind.

Shiatsu is very helpful in case of chronic or acute disorders, mental or emotional stress, live crisis and reorientation, trauma handling, rehabilitation, prevention and enhance wellbeing.

The treatment is over clothes and on the floor, using a shiatsumat or a body cushion


'With the help of Shiatsu we can maintain as well as recover health by harmonizing and strengthening the most important communication system in the body: the energetic system. The energetic system regulates our physical, emotional and mental growth as well as all activities in the body, our consciousness and our spiritual development' (cited ISS Kiental, International Shiatsu School)


Meridian Massage and Acupressure

Key aspect in ‘the healing Tao’ is to activate and balance the 12 organ meridians as well as their energy layers. The massage of the meridians and the acupressure will help to bring the Qi (life energy) into a harmonised flow.

  • Tài Yang treatment
    The focus is on the elements fire and water and the massages take place on the meridians of the small intestine, the bladder, the kidney and the heart mantle. The bladder meridian has many Shu-points (Shu leads Qi to the organ) and has the best healing benefit for all 12 organs. The treatment has relaxing and regenerative qualities. It leads into the water and the fire element, makes more sensitive and directly warms the heart.
    Good benefit is possible for the following disorders: Back pain, menstrual cramps, sleep disorder, stress, exhaustion
  • Shào Yang treatment
    The focus is on the elements wood and metal and the massages take place on the meridians of Sanjiao and the organs gall, bladder, liver and lungs. The treatment helps to increase assertiveness, become more dynamic and more energy to start new projects (perhaps to finally realise new plans/adventures/dreams?)
    Good benefit is possible for the following disorders: Temple head ache, eye pain, chronic irritability, choleric temperament
  • Yang Ming treatment
    The focus is on the element earth and the massages take place on the meridians of large intestine, stomach,splenic,pancreas and heart. The treatment helps to ground yourself and strengthens self-confidence. The feeling of arrival and being welcome are evident.
    Good benefit is possible for the following disorders: Indigestion, weak connective tissue, the feeling of not being welcome on earth.
    Our sense of reality is based on our own strength of the earth element. It affects us in how to stand on both feet in life, if we feel secure in our life, we feel well. All these are under the influence of the quality of being grounded to the earth.
  • Tao tone-pressure using a tuning fork, TCM based
    Like acupressure or acupuncture, the vibrancy of the tuning fork sound can strongly influence our energy system. Special energy points of the meridian system are stimulated by placing the tuning fork directly on the skin. It supports the improvement of vitality and health.
    Acupressure has a better result in strengthening the psyche. Acupuncture is used more in healing persistent medical problems. Tone pressure is more to activate the essence of a person and bring it forward.
    The tuning fork has an oscillation frequency, which is specially adapted to the frequency of our body. Different frequencies can be used. One is more to stimulate the dynamic of body and vitality. Another is to bring some pep to the human soul and to ease nervous and overexcited situations. Just after the stimulation of a few entry points it is possible to feel a positive effect to regime and harmony of the energy system. We work on the floor and on a shiatsu-mat.


60 min 1'200 SCR                              75 min 1'350 SCR                              90 min 1'500 SCR