LIKA is an academy for body and breath therapists. The learnt methods are based on the doctrine of human breath and movement by Prof. Dr. med. Volkmar Glaser (1912-1997) from Germany. His research was on muscle tone and well being based on old Chinese knowledge about the meridian systems (acupuncture) and modern neurophysiological findings.

Psycho-dynamic Body and Breath Therapy works with a 5 pillar model:

- breath and meridian massage

- movement

- special meridians (quality of existence) / Kei Raku (form of action)

- breath meditation

- psychotherapeutic concepts


All these themes are based on appreciation, ethical action and therapeutic conversation. All 5 pillars have the same priority. Treatments may be done on a massage bench, sitting on a chair or while moving and also when wearing clothes or directly on the skin when using massage oil.


Good benefit is possible for the following disorders:

- Back pain, Chronic pain, Depression, Asthma, Psychosomatic disorder, Sleep disorder


I do not see my work in an either/or relation to the academic medicine. It is more an intense support during the healing process. It can help to accept the situation; to deal in a more relaxed way with inconvenience; to give comfort in any circumstance, and so to help with a better and faster healing process.


Offer The kind of treatment is according to the need and constitution of the client. It can be for health protection, in case of a health issue or supporting a healing process.



60 min          1'200 SCR

75 min          1'350 SCR