Yoga with a taste of the sea!

                                Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove


happy again! We are able to announce regularly and public Yoga lessons in the Le Meridien Fisherman's Cove Hotel:


Saturday Morning 8:15am - 9:30am Yang and Yin

Tuesday Evening   5:00pm - 6:15pm Yin Yoga


Price is 190 SR per person and per lesson

we provide material in good Eco Quality like natural rubber Yoga mats, 100% biodigradable



Only with reservations

   (phon 2584236 or mail


Yoga with a view!

                            Hilton Northolme Resort


we are happy to announce regularly and public Yoga lessons in the Hilton Northolme Resort:


Wednesday Morning 9:00am - 10:15am Vinyasa Flow (reservation 12hrs in advance required)

Thursday Evening     5:00pm - 6:15pm Yin Yoga (reservation 12hrs in advance required)


Price is 200 SR per person and per lesson

we provide material in good Eco Quality like natural rubber Yoga mats, 100% biodigradable




every Saturday 10:30 - 12 am Yin Yoga


Copolia Lodge (, Sans Soucis road, just where the Copolia Trail starts


SCR 150  for 90 minutes (Saturday) per person per lesson, use of our material is included
258 42 36 / / / /





professional Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Ubud, Bali


after 4 weeks hard work, we are happy with the new

certificate for a 200 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training








not valid anymore!


YOGA at Nature Seychelles


morning class

every Wednesday    7:30 - 8:30am early birds flow (Monica)

every Wednesday    9am - 10am Yang and Ying (Ernst)

evening classes
every Monday          5pm - 6pm Yin Yoga (Ernst)

every Wednesday    5pm - 6pm Hata Flow (Monica)

                   every Friday       4:30pm - 6pm intense Yin Yoga (Monica)


60 min SCR 100 / 90 minutes SCR 125 per person per lesson

organised by Nature Seychelles, please check also Nature Seychelles link:


Nature Seychelles is at Roche Caiman, between the big petrol station and Eden Island. Driving towards Eden Island, there is a roadsign 'Sanctuary' on left side. Turn left and follow the small road to the end.

258 42 36 / / / /



prices for YOGA

Privat Yoga lesson 1:1 or small group (2 - 6 pers.)   60 min   1200 SCR
Privat Yoga lesson 1:1 or small group (2 - 6 pers.)   90 min   1500 SCR

Group lesson 7-14 persons     60 min    175 SCR per person and per lesson
Group lesson 7-14 persons     90 min    200 SCR per person and per lesson


In your house, hotel appartment or anywhere else, use of our material is included




...probably sounds familiar, but what is it exactly?


Generally, it is a gentle, healthy and adapted to the persons anatomy style of yoga.




More detailed:
So many styles of Yoga are flourishing in the West, and all bring wonderful benefits. Ayuryoga is a unique, (dosha-) balancing style of yoga based upon one’s individual constitution. Using traditional asana, pranayama, mudra and mantra, Ayuryoga emphasizes the individual in developing a protocol that can be used on its own or at the beginning or end of a longer asana practice from any tradition. With an emphasis on engaging with Patanjali’s yamas and niyamas to promote harmony in relationship with self and others, Ayuryoga holds the potential to bring radical transformation and mutation of body, mind and consciousness.


Introduction to Dosha-Balancing Yoga:


Introduction for a new Ayuryoga DVD


Yoga, Ayur Yoga and Yin Yoga  -  as private 1:1 class, small group or group classes



Privat 1:1 and small group with up to 6 people, 60 min SR 1'200 / 90 min SR 1'500 per class

groups with 7 and more people, 60 min SR 175 / 90 min SR 200 per person


Yoga exercises encourage fun in moving and increasing awareness of the body. The holistic approach , the Asanas (body-training), the Pranayama (breath training) and Dhyana (meditation), all will help to harmonise body, mind and soul.

Aim is to get a better body perception, more awareness about the own breath and a relaxed mind. This helps to manage daily life and routines in a relaxed and cheerful manner.

We usually provide all material. Just bring your own towel if you need one. Our mats are from Manduka or HelloSun and made of 100% natural rubber and biodegradable. The blocs called ThreeMinuteEggs are also biodegradable. Bolster covers and belts are made of pure cotton.



Ayur Yoga originates from the Yoga tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya and is based in the philosophy of Patanjali. Ayur Yoga is a smooth, body adapted Yoga. It is suitable for all people, also for beginners and for people with existing handicaps. 

Ayur Yoga is demanding but still achievable, no peak performance or acrobatics. We attach great importance that you know your own limitations and are not going beyond them.

Being regardful also means to include good breathing qualities and a good balance of effort and rest. Breathing exercises and meditation will take place in every Yoga lesson. 

Different people have different needs and it is our mission to adapt the Yoga to the person. A Yoga pose has to come to the person, not the person has to adapt to the pose!

Not only the body will be trained, but also the mind and soul. So, after the Yoga lesson, you will be keen to go out into the world and cheerfully cope with the crazy daily grind.


Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of Yoga and main work is on connective tissues (fascias, ligaments, tendons). Our world is Yang, lot of Yang, too much Yang. Yang is work, activity, power, stress, restlessness, male. Take a break of Yang. Dive into 90 minutes of Yin Yoga. Let go everything, loose all muscle tensions. Forget all, even what you shouldn't forget. Get rid of thoughts, feel free and enjoy to be free. After 90 minutes of Yin Yoga, you are nurished into all cells, also your best hidden ones. You feel light like a butterfly, your awareness is kissed awake and your emotions are dancing tango.